Bert van den Brink is a dutch musician, primarily a jazz-pianist with a classical "CUM LAUDE" masters degree.
He is also a keyboard player in a broader sense; he plays organ, keyboards and accordion as well.
He is teaching, arranging composing and producing.

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April 2015 Bert van den Brink performs with the WDR Big Band in Germany!
May: Bert van den Brink performs with pianist Kenny Werner.
New cd Bert's Bytes favorites
November 23th. 2014 the new cd Bert's Bytes favorites was released in the Beauforthuis in Austerlitz.
As the 365th. byte was launched that day Bert decided to celebrate this milestone.

Jannie Du Toit bariton
Bert van den Brink piano
The album can be ordered on this website.

N E W A N D U N I Q U E ! ! ! !

Berts Interlessons
Bert van den Brink reflects your playing.
How does it work?
1 you send a mail to info@bertvandenbrink.com asking for a "Berts Interlesson"
I will reply to this mail with an invitation to send a sound file of your playing on which you would like to have my feedback.
2 You send a sound file containing one song (maximum duration of ten minutes) to info@bertvandenbrink.com
3 After i have decided to deliver a lesson to you, you have to follow the next procedure:
4 You pay 100 euros through paypal to info@bertvandenbrink.com and after te transfer of the payment i will deliver a private lesson that you can download in which your playing will be analysed. I will give many detailled suggestions to broaden your musical perspective.
You can listen to a pilot lesson by following the link below:
Note that i consider a healthy physical approach of the instrument very important. In the case of physical playing problems internet can not help. In that situation i recommend to contact an experienced coach.
Bert van den Brink

Bohemian Rhapsody on Youtube:
from the New cd
Artist: Bert van den Brink organ
Recorded in the Organ Park Amsterdam.

Ordering the cd:
Recorded in the Organ Park Amsterdam.
Preview: http://www.bertvandenbrink.com/export/prblowing.mp3
Bert van den Brink

M: info@bertvandenbrink.com
I: www.bertvandenbrink.com